‘Amour’- A Brand New Dating Platform For Queer Indians.

‘Amour’- a platform primarily based on Facebook, launched about a month ago, aims to help you find your soulmate. As opposed to the hookup sites that already exist, Amour verifies profiles before adding them to the group to make the group more secure.

The website promises to be an inclusive platform for all members of queer community. The site has a detailed signup form to prevent any kind of catfishing, and is available in six different languages (English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali).

The group has received a good response among the queer community. Within 1.5 months, Amour has close to 470+ likes, 350+ members and 230+ profiles. 81% of registered profiles are of gay males.  The Amour Team has worked for almost 2 months on the concept before launching various aspects like the contents of Google form and the other design contents.

Karan Kariappa, the admin of Amour says, “When we had a deeper discussion with community members we realized that we need to have a group for all the LGBTIQA+ looking for partners. It’s a mainly a dating platform where people can choose their partner(s) with terms of their own for the relationship.”


The team consists of Karan Kariappa -team coordinator, Dolly – representative from lesbian community, Shilok – moderator(Kannada) and representative from trans community, Ram Swaroop – moderator (English & Hindi), Deepthi – moderator (English & Telugu) and Chennai representative, Andy – moderator and Hyderabad representative, Yogesh – moderator and Delhi representative, Jerry – moderator and Mumbai representative, Srini – Content designer.


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