Tu Khwab Saja: Stunning Pictures from India’s first gay Bollywood musical !

1'Performed on January 26, 2016 in Mumbai, this event was a part of QAM (Queer Azaadi Mumbai)’s Pride Month Celebrations.

The play was a visual treat.

A scintillating, poignant love story straddling cultures and lifetimes. Don’t miss it, and do share the event invite!!


A big thanks to Saathi, QAM and the team that created this magical event.


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Gulabi Mela: Pics From Wildly Successful Event !

The sixth instalment of Gulabi Mela was organized by Yaariyan, the youth wing of the Humsafar Trust, as part of the Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride Month celebrations.


Yaariyan also presented over 20 of stalls over a sprawling open-air venue packed with Food, fun Games, snazzy Accessories, Home Decor Articles, Jewellery for all.

There were musical performances by Rainbow Voices Mumbai, Bollywood Dance Workshop by Sarthak Misra of Arpita Step-up Dance Academy, Mr Gay India World 2016 aspirants performances and so much more !

Trailer Review: Aligarh Movie.



When Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh was screened at the 20th Busan International Film Festival in October last year, it got a standing ovation. Upon watching the theatrical trailer of the film, one can completely understand why.

The breathtaking and powerful story of Professor Siras, a brilliant teacher who faced extreme humiliation and persecution at the hands of university authorities and other citizens for being gay.
In Aligarh, Manoj Bajpayee nails the loneliness and complexity of playing Professor Siras. From his first dialogue in the film, he has you hooked to his ethos. “Koi mere feeling ko teen aksharon mein kaise samajh sakta hai (how can I explain my feelings to someone in three letters?)”

In a country where it’s still illegal to be homosexual, Aligarh aptly portrays how it feels like to be different from the crowd. Aligarh starts a conversation that we need to be having on our dining tables.

A conversation about basic rights, of freedom, of choice, and of privacy. Needless to say the trailer of Aligarh will move you, and make you think. But more than that, Aligarh seems to be the sort of film that will not let you forget. The fight is still on.

There’s a dialogue in the trailer that forms the social crux of the film so beautifully, that it will resonate with you till you watch the film; “What business does anyone have to look into someone else’s bedroom?”

The trailer ends with an apt tagline, “Come out and question, come out and talk, come out and live, come out and love.”
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Anwesh Sahoo to Represent India at Mr Gay World 2016!

EXCLUSIVE: Anwesh Sahoo to Represent India at Mr Gay World 2016!

Anwesh Sahoo, 20, won the Mr. Gay India title in Mumbai on January 25, and now, he will represent India at the Mr Gay World to be held in Malta, (Europe) from April 9 to 23, this year. Sahoo, student of IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology) Delhi, will be the country’s sole representative at the pageant.

At 20, Anwesh is the youngest Mr. Gay India winner, beating 232 others. Former beauty pageant winners and models will train him, in different aspects like diction, walking gait, how his skin and body can look great.


Sahoo’s journey began when he read a piece in ‘Gay Talk’ magazine about New Zealand’s Andreas Derleth, Mr. Gay World 2012 winner. That inspired Sahoo, then 17, to come out of the closet. “I realised that being queer was beautiful and was able to accept myself. My sister was very supportive and helped me tell my parents. From being bullied in school to winning MGWI; it has been such an amazing journey.”

Sahoo says, “People need to be empowered for who they are. I drew inspiration for this campaign from my struggle to be accepted in school. Masculinity and femininity are being redefined. ”

“I am studying LGBT history as I want to do well in the trivia round. The social media and congeniality rounds will also be important; I am a hard worker and will do my best. I have started working for a good body by going to the gym daily. I will get a lot of hate mail for being MGWI, from those who are homophobic; but I am ready for that too. It is in fact a great honour for me, to inspire others.”

Sahoo will be in Mumbai for the Gay Pride Parade on February 6. From then on, he will juggle his time between his home in Delhi and Mumbai, for pageant preparations and studies.

How Do I Tell Them: Coming Out To Family!

12631455_812848032177274_1861710728858134480_nComing out to family can be a fearful experience in any culture. It could result in total acceptance, or it could result in confusion, criticism and even rejection. Acceptance about such issues does not come easily for families of any race, and especially for South Asian families.

Nakshatra Bagwe’s mother spoke at Gay Bombay Parents and Family Meet. She told audience her own struggle while accepting his son’s homosexuality. The transformation of a homophobic mother to a gay rights supporters, took some 4 years and she said some words of wisdom for you all, from her own experience,

“Give time to to your parents to understand and then to accept the whole concept of homosexuality. Don’t hide it for too long from your parents, start giving hints, start talking about the matter.Acceptance may take time but parents will accept their children one day. No matter how the kid is the parents must love him. Once parents openly tell the world “Yes my child is gay, so what?” then the world can’t do anything, the society
has only one option left feel surprised and accept. It’s a journey all about patience and understanding, we walked this journey for several years and we wish many among you will start their journey soon.We wish you the best.”

Remember: Coming out is a process. It takes time – don’t rush it! 🙂

‪#‎OurLeaders‬ ‪#‎OurPride‬: Gautam Bhan

‪#‎OurLeaders‬ ‪#‎OurPride‬
Gautam Bhan

Gautam Bhan is a Senior Consultant at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements.He has been an active member of social movements on a range of issues.
He has been openly gay since his early adulthood, getting his middle-class family with parents in government service to accept him as he is.

Activist and researcher Gautam Bhan (Ph.D. Planning ) raises social questions about civil liberties and human rights in an urbanizing India. As a queer rights activist and writer based in New Delhi, he writes extensively on queer issues and social movements. He is a member of PRISM, Voices against Section 377, and the Nigah Media Collective. Gautam was appeared in Satyamev Jayate episode ‘accepting alternate sexualities’.

He is ‘Sexualities Series’ editor at Yoda Press, and co-editor of ‘Because I Have a Voice: Queer Politics in India’. His writing has featured in many Indian newspapers, Caravan, India Today, Tehelka.

In response to the December 11 Supreme Court ruling Bhan has led the gay community as a spokesman for gay rights. He is one of the strongest advocates for L.G.B.T. rights, and works as a petitioner in the legal battle to decriminalize homosexuality in India.

Gautam Bhan, drew roars of approval when he named various small towns — Gorakhpur, Solan — and asked the crowd to clap for their L.G.B.T. friends from those places.

Bhan says,”Frankly, at this point, we have to regroup and mobilize the community once again. We are not the community we were 10 years ago. The gay community in India is not silent, closeted or afraid anymore. Protests are happening simultaneously in cities across India right now. This is proof that the gay community in India is not going anywhere.”
Very true, Sir! 🙂10953227_653009974827748_5321008729240931513_n

Gorgeous Couple: Yawar and Jason !

1200x1200_1394988484-1e5dea47848d9133-316401_2366871369832_4721508_nYawar, from indian origin, and Jason first met in 2007 when a special friendship developed. Over time that friendship blossomed into an extraordinary love and got married in Grammys in 2014.

Yawar, son of Indian film legend Noor Mohammed charlie, said about the unexpected Grammy opportunity, ” We were so blessed and honored to had been involved. It felt like every single person was there to support us. They didn’t care what gender our partners were. They embraced us, and celebrated the love we all had found.”

Jason, from rural Pennsylvania, wore a tuxedo, and Yawar, traditional Indian Sherwani. After all, his outfit upstaged most of the celebrity red carpet ensembles seen at the ceremony.

The couple shares a message , “No matter who you are, no matter what background you come from, no matter what your culture is – you deserve love. It can happen to you.”

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Nakshatra Bagwe: Our Leader, Our Pride !

Nakshatra Bagwe: Actor, Film maker and First ever openly Indian gay person to be signed up as a brand ambassador. (for Moovz).

Nakshatra Bagwe (25) is an Indian actor and award winning film maker. Nakshatra made his Indian feature film debut in ‘My Son is Gay’ and international film debut as the lead actor of ‘Hearts’. His films ‘Logging Out’, ‘Book of Love’, ‘Curtains’ and ‘PR’ (Public Relations) represent current LGBT scenario of India. He is also an organiser of Gujarat’s first ever pride march. He won KASHISH – Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in 2012 for his film ‘Logging Out’. It was screened at prestigious venues like Queens Museum of Arts (New York), The Old Cinema (London) and it was also a part of Queer India European tour 2012 to raise awareness about LGBT issues in the Indian context.

He won Coffee Break Audience Choice Award at Kashish Mumbai Queer Film Festival, India from the Oscar winning music composer Resul Pookutty. Impressed with actor, Anupam Kher declared a sponsorship of Rs 50,000 for the following year of Kashish. He became the brand ambassador of Moovz, a global social network for gay men. Nakshatra is first and only openly Indian LGBT person to be signed up as the brand ambassador by any brand till now.

Nakshatra and his mother were featured in a promo of popular Indian television show Satyamev Jayte. He came out to society when he participated in Asia’s first LGBT flashmob. Nakshatra posed nude for a campaign named ‘Breaking Closets’, urging people to accept the homosexuality so that gay men could come out and break all barriers!

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