Partly Indian Gay Wedding Breaks Several Stereotypes!!

Simon McNorton, from Indian origin and his husband Justin Johnson: Their backgrounds, upbringings, religions, totally different! But at their wedding they celebrated those differences in a beautiful way.


They both wanted a non-traditional wedding- one that blended their different styles and cultures. On their big day, Simon donned a traditional Indian Sherwani, Justin wore his Marine Blues.

Simon’s Indian connection comes from his mother, who is an Indian married to a British.


Incorporating their family and friends into the celebration was the biggest priority for them. 


Simon McNorton is a member of ‘Indicorps’ – an NGO for people of Indian origin. Simon has been working for gay rights and against homophobia around the world. His work also involves helping adults and children with developmental disabilities.

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Looking back on everything today, Justin and Simon- who now live in the U.K.- couldn’t be more pleased with the way the day turned out.    

They say getting to that point comes down to one thing: A willingness to compromise, even when differences threaten to get in the way. But ultimately, they say, any differences turned out to be a good thing.        

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Our Pride: Simon McNorton!

Simon McNorton, 30,  is a member of ‘Indicorps’ – an NGO for people of Indian origin. Simon worked for gay rights and against homophobia around the world for last seven years.

His work also involves helping adults and children with developmental disabilities. Simon’s Indian connection comes from his mother, who is South Indian and married to a british. Simon came out at 18 and had a difficult time.

He came to India to work in a Rajasthan village. He wanted this stint in India to be about discovering his Indian roots, his ‘Indian-ness’ and making a social impact.

A vocal gay activist abroad, he thought he wouldn’t meet gays in a village, most people would be married and not talk or think about homosexuality. But after being sexually assaulted by a labourer, whose wife and children were just a few metres away, ‘repressed sexuality’ took on a whole new meaning for McNorton. I conveniently assumed I would not find those ‘issues’ here. But I was naive,” says McNorton.

“What happened on that day forced me to think about how much work we need, in every corner of the world, to be comfortable with our identities. I now know I would like to use my experience in pushing for gay rights in India, too — something I had never considered all these months.”

Simon says, “Ten years ago, being half-Indian and gay was a confusing identity to grow up with. The Indian community was severely homophobic. The gay community in the UK, on the other hand, was predominantly white and not inclusive when it came to Indians.”

On his blog, he speaks about how his friend in the UK warned him that he wouldn’t be able to kiss men in India and he replied he wasn’t coming to India to kiss men in the first place.

A few months ago, McNorton’s boyfriend, Justin, came to visit him in Rajasthan. “He knew how it worked here, but it did get to him that we couldn’t even hold hands. We were not even given a double bed at a hotel in Jaipur despite our requests. Fortunately, our hotels in Delhi andAgra did.”

“I need to come back someday, somehow. India needs a lot of help to work towards making homosexuality acceptable and ‘normal’. I want to put my experience to some good use,” he says.


. First Gay Marriage Portal

This customised marriage agency for gay couples is different from numerous dating sites that cater to gays as here they familiarise themselves with the clients for nearly a year before finding their partner, based on their requirements.

The costs are really very high for a common Indian gay/lesbian. It will hardly work for Indians at this time. But the awesome thing is that India finally has its own reliable gay marriage portal, in spite of highly homophobic society and laws. Reasons for high charges may be, it is an international protal, it will help only those who are looking for partners seriously and because of highly homophobic Indian society and laws.

And It’s just the start. Ofcourse, it will  it will have reach to every Indian gay/lesbian when homosexuality will be legalized in India and portal will get people’s trust.

It has already received nearly 250 enquiries from gays, mostly Indians, and his agency has already helped 29 couples tie the knot through the portal. The agency conducts background checks as well as counselling.

Benhur Samson, who set up said that the idea of the portal came up because several of his gay clients, opting for surrogacy services, were visiting India to get their babies where they’d find partners and would like to stay together.

“In June when (US President Barack) Obama declared marriage equality rights. I realised that while so many heterosexuals were visiting India to get married, then why not do the same for homosexuals.”





Heartthrobe Fawad Khan Plays Gay in Kapoor and Sons

Bollywood’s actors should learn from Fawad that acting is not just about money and fame. The real actor is one who uses his acting skills to bring positive change in the society.

There was a lot of suspense about Fawad Khan‘s gay character in Kapoor And Sons. But finally, this suspense is over and Yes, he is playing gay in the movie!
Fawad entered our hearts from his fabulous roles in serials and bollywood debut Khoobsurat. But now, with his exceptional performance in Kapoor And Sons, our respect towards him has increased more.
Trailers of the movie tried to hide this twist, even Fawad almost denied this before .But we were always sure that he will be playing gay.
Fawad has always been supporting gay rights in India and always wanted to have such a role, which promotes equality and human rights.

RSS Secretory’s ‘awful’ Comment on Homosexuality Needs A Spank!

RSS secretory Hosabale said, “No need to punish, but to be treated as a psychological case.”

What RSS General Joint secretory said, is the most common form of homophobia disease.

World’s biggest psychologists have proved  homosexuality is not any kind of disorder. Actually homophobia is a psychological  disease and this ignorant minister needs treatment quickly.

Bigmouth minister idiotic comment was, ” Gay marriage is Institutionalization of homosexuality. It should be prohibited. Approach to homosexuality should be ‘no criminalisation; no glorification either”.

Mr. Hosabale, you need to stay quiet. Atleast about which you don’t understand. Don’t spread Ignorance in society.








First Gay Marriage Bureau Set Up in India

An NRI, Benhur Samson, has set up a marriage bureau help gay people in India to find the right match for them.

Rajpipla’s gay prince Manvendrasingh Gohil has been roped as a consultant for the gay marriage bureau along with lawyers to look into the legal aspects of the marriages, including immigration if an Indian marries a person abroad.

Samson owns and operate Surrogacy Abroad Inc, an international surrogacy agency based in Chicago. Samson says, “Several people wanting an arranged marriage were looking for partners from India. The reason seems to that arranged marriages are common in India. Also, Indians are known for their commitment, their loyalty to partners and hard-working nature.”

The bureau has received around 250 inquiries and around 24 people are enrolled with the bureau since it became functional around three months back. Counselling is arranged for those who signup with the agency.

“We take a couple of months to know the person and only then begin the process,” Samson said. He added that to ensure that only serious candidates came forward the bureau charges $5,000, which is refundable if the person does not find a match.

Contact Email :





Watch: ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ Teaser (2016)

Ka Bodyscapes: A Film which questions individual freedom, civil liberties and sexual choices in times of misogyny, homophobia and rising religious and economic extremist forces.

Ka Bodyscapes turns the focus on a free-spirited gay painter and his love interest who’s a Kabaddi player. Fundamentally, it’s a poetic love story in the backdrop of an oppressive and intrusive social environment.

‘Ka Bodyscapes’ is directed by the New York-based Jayan Cherian, whose  feature film Papilio Buddha won awards at the Berlin Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival and the Kerala State Film Awards.

Film is also about their friend Sia, who battles misogyny at her orthodox Muslim home and humiliating labour controls and dehumanising surveillance at her white-collar workspace.

Kannan Rajesh, Jason Chacko and Naseera to play the intensely-portrayed central characters in Ka Bodyscapes. 

Director Jayan says, “Kerala’s history is layered with struggles, and the resistance portrayed in Ka Bodyscapes is contemporary, which the society is glad to sweep under the carpet. I do not approve of cataloguing movies—Ka Bodyscapes is for everyone and is different from the clichéd heterosexual-monogamous relationships portrayed in movie.”

‘I Seek Love, Not Privilege’: Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

India’s First Openly Gay Prince Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil shares his story.

The prince recently collaborated with Come Out Loud, and in a video shared his experiences

Yuvraj Shri Manvendra Singh, the crown prince of one of India’s oldest royal families had made a public announcement in 2006 that made headlines around the world.

“When I was 12 or 13, I realised I wasn’t attracted toward the opposite sex but to the same sex. There was no internet… there was no one to tell me what it was,” he said.

 This is a country where gay sex is still criminalised, the pressure to marry and have children in order to continue the family line is massive and there’s a huge stigma attached to homosexuality. However, there was no pressure on the Prince to marry at first. In the video, he says he did it ‘voluntarily’ because he thought that will make him ‘normal.’

Manavendra says that he is not the only homosexual man in the Indian royalty. In the video he claims that he knew several relatives and friends from royal families who were gay, but could never ‘come out’.

When he came out to his parents, they refused to accept it. So, they took him to several doctors to ‘make him straight’. They offered to pay money for any form of surgery. They also took him to religious leaders.

After they failed to ‘convert him back to normal’, the Queen, took out an ad in the newspaper to publicly disown her only son. In his home state, effigies of the prince were burned and demands were made that he be stripped of his title for bringing shame to his family line.

“I’m not attached to my biological family and that is something that happens in most royal families. Because you’re not brought up by them – they’re there to give birth to you and then you’re in the care of servants… I have never experienced love and affection from my own biological mother so when my parents disapproved or disowned me, it didn’t hurt me at all,” he once told Guardian in an interview.

In 2000, a sense of injustice compelled Prince Manvendra to start The Lakshya Trust, a community-based organisation dedicated to supporting gay men and to education about and prevention of HIV/Aids. “It’s doing well, a lot more people are educated now,” he says in the video.

When Oprah Winfrey called the Prince to her show, he had said, “When I say that the homosexuals are not free in India, we don’t have the freedom to love. All of us are scared. Imagine those who have fallen in love, they’ve had partners in their lives, they’ve had boyfriends, they want to go for long-term relationships — are now all scared. That’s where we are losing our freedom.”

At the end of the video, the Prince signs off with a lovely message: “We are all human beings. We are all equal… All we want is love. Gay rights cannot just be won in the courtroom but in the hearts and the minds of the people we live with.”

We hope the world listens to this one.


BJP Bigots Reject Tharoor’s Bill Again!


BJP used its brute majority in Lok Sabha to thwart Shashi Tharoor’s second attempt to introduce a private member’s bill to decriminalise homosexuality.

Tharoor said it was “religious bigotry” of the ruling party that had disallowed discussion on his private bill to amend the “colonial era” section 377 of the IPC which criminalises homosexuality, adding that Parliament was a place for open deliberations on all issues.

The Lok Sabha, for the second time in three months, voted against the introduction of Tharoor’s Indian Penal Code (Amendment) Bill 2016 to amend Section 377 of the IPC.

58 out of 73 members present voted against introduction of the Bill, while 14 favoured it. One member abstained from voting.

Expressing anguish at the rejection of his bill at the introduction stage, Tharoor said it was “a low in the proud annals of Indian democracy” where “brute majority prevailed over the rights of a member” to bring the measure.

The Congress member regretted that the House was not allowed to deliberate on a law which was framed by the British rulers on the principles of Victorian morality.

Tharoor’s previous attempt to introduce a similar bill in the Lok Sabha on December 18 too was voted out.

Really, we can’t expect anything from homophobic prejudiced parliament, all hopes on Supreme Court’s upcoming hearing on section 377 by a five-judge bench.



Gay-themed Indian Film ‘Loev’ to Have U.S. Premiere

After multiple screenings at festivals worldwide, Indian gay love story, “Loev,” will have its North American premiere March 12 at the prestigious 2016 SXSW Film Festival in Texas.

 The gay-themed relationship drama stars Shiv Pandit, Dhruv Ganesh and Siddharth Menon. A weekend trip between friends takes a sudden turn, making them each examine what love is and what it means to them.
 Screen International describes it as follows: “A wistful, meandering gay love story… in India, where homosexuality is punishable by law, this gentle film is quietly  revolutionary.”love


“Loev,” which will play in the festival’s ‘Visions’ section, was filmed entirely in Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar amid much secrecy owing to Section 377, which outlaws homosexuality.