Openly Gay Singer Sam Smith Wins Oscar, Dedicates to LGBTs.

Singer and songwriter Sam Smith has won the Best Song Oscar. Sam won the oscar for best original song for Spectre’s  ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ song.


In is acceptance speech, the 23-year-old singer said “I actually can’t breathe right now! I dedicate this to the LGBT community around the world. I stand here tonight as a proud gay man.”


The 88th Academy Awards took place on February 28 at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre.

Before Sam, there have been many gay Oscar winners.
Dustin Lance Black won an Oscar in 2009 for writing “Milk’. Pedro Almodóvar won for writing 2002’s “Talk to Her.” Elton John won an Oscar for 1994’s Best Original Song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. Composers John Corigliano(“The Red Violin”), Stephen Sondheim (for song “Sooner or Later”) and Howard Ashman , a gay lyricist.

Bill Condon, an openly gay filmmaker, won an Oscar in 1999 for writing the screenplay to “Gods and Monsters.” John Schlesinger won an Oscar in 1970 for directing “Midnight Cowboy.” “True Blood” creator Alan Ball , won an Oscar in 2000 for writing “American Beauty.” And Scott Rudin won for producing “No Country for Old Men.”

Mary and Max” director Adam Elliot thanked his boyfriend on stage in 2004 when he won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film “Harvie Krumpet.”John Gielgud, an openly gay male actor, did win Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 1981 for his performance in “Arthur”.




Love Never Gets Old: Subodh and Niranjan

Subodh Rathod, 50, and Niranjan Kamatkar, 49, were married in london after nurturing a relationship for 20 years. They first met in India in their 20s, love blossomed, got married in UK and now settled with their parents together.

Exclusive Wedding Pictures and Interview at:

The Wedding Day:
Subodh: The registrar announced us as “husband and husband” – to hear those words, they will always echo in my ears. We were very lucky. And we had already exchanged vows in a ceremony in India three months after we met. In our wedding here we even incorporated some of those same vows, It was in the presence of the five key elements which are vital in the Hindu ceremony – earth, air, fire, space, and water.

We relied on family and friends to help pull the day together. It felt very much like a traditional wedding, because up until the last moment on the morning my aunts, mother and cousins were all screaming and shouting and making sure they were all ready and getting their best saris on, and at the same time making sure we were ready.
Those are the moments that you can never really encapsulate in words.

Niranjan: The spirit of the moment was so great. It defies a lot of stereotypical assumptions people have about Asian families and what they might have to say about same-sex marriages. All kudos to my mother who despite the fact her command of English is quite limited, still managed to tell reporters: “Instead of having a son and a wife, I now have two sons.” For me, that encapsulates the whole essence of it.

I said to my mother, “We’re getting married” and she said, “I thought you were already married. Aren’t you?” And we lived with Subodh’s parents since I came to England – it’s 18, 19 years now. His father passed away but we still live with his mother and we get along. One time in India Subodh had an accident, he had to give an address so he gave my parents’ address, and when I heard, I went to my parents’ place and my mother was feeding him with a spoon, taking care of him in bed.


How long did it take for you to get used to using the word husband?
We’re still not used to it! We’ve been saying “partner” for years.

How do you feel now looking back a year on from the wedding?
There’s a sense of empowerment we get just by being able to utter those words; yes, we’re married, which we wouldn’t have had a year ago. We feel the difference every day, you live the difference every day. A year on, the interactions you get from those who are aware we’re married are incredible, because they treat you slightly differently, more seriously, and we suppose it’s getting that stamp: you’re married now.

What did you love most about each other?
Niranjan: His sensitivity. There’s something very charming and delicate in his approach to dealing with any situation. He stands up for principle – I admire that even now.
Subodh: Apart from his cooking? His mind. He was the library I was always searching for.


What would you say to couples, who want to marry?

Niranjan: There is hope attached, Our marrage will allow other gay couples to make the same move. And showing it’s not just us, but we had our family members there, supporting it, so it’s possible.

Subodh: I’ll only hope that it’s something that not only other countries, but all communities, eventually learn to accept.

Niranjan and Subodh, Both from India, got married on 29 March, 2014 in front of Lynne Featherstone, the MP behind the same-sex marriage bill in London. They were among the first gay couples to marry in England.

India’s First LGBT fashion Show at Agra

Here are the beautiful pictures from India’s first LGBT fashion show at Taj Mahotsav in Agra.

It was wonderful to see when Mr. Balbir Krishan left the wheelchair…and walked with his husband Michael Giangrasso.

Atul Kumar, who is a fashion consultant with NGO Stop Acid Attacks dedicated his own clothing line ‘Rainbow collection’ to the show.


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‘My Son Is Gay’ Film Revived in Tamil

Filmmaker Lokesh Kumar is all set to revive his project ‘My Son Is Gay’ in Tamil, with a new title, ‘En Magan Magizhvan’.

Lokesh says, “Despite all the focus on the community, many people don’t even understand the difference between what transgender, gay or lesbian. My film will make people to understand the hardship faced by the LGBT community here. It is a story is about how a mother accepts her gay son.”

Lokesh had initially thought of making this a Hindi film. But the funds weren’t sufficient to cover the production costs of making this film in Hindi. That was when Lokesh put this project on hold. A few months later, he got a message from a UK-based person saying he is willing to give himaccess to his beach house in Kerala free of cost, to shoot this film. Fortunately, actress Anupama Kumar, who played the role of the mother in the pilot film, also encouraged him to make this film in Tamil. She also helped him get in actors like Kishore and Jayaprakash.  And now, the film is well on its way to being made.


Titled as En Magan Magizhvan (‘My Son Is Gay’), the film stars Abishek George of Demonte Colony fame playing a gay along with newcomer Ashwin Jith, according to a report from Times of India. Anupama kumar has the mother’s role.

Aligarh Gets Excellent Reviews From Critics and Media in Pre-Release Screening!

Hindustan Times: A subtle strong film on human rights and democracy.
Aaj Tak: कई सवालों का जवाब है ‘अलीगढ़’
Times Of India: They mirror the society’s mindset and in doing so, rake out your own prejudices. Aligarh is one such biographical drama that tugs at your heartstrings.
FilmFare: The honesty and the haunting reality of the story are what make Aligarh such a compelling watch. Even in the disheartening end, Aligarh gives you hope that maybe, someday our society will be on the verge of coming out for good.
Bollywood Bhaskar: शानदार एक्टिंग और अच्छी कहानी के लिए देखिए ‘अलीगढ़’
Quint: A fresh take on battle against homophobia.

The Bangalore Queer Film Festival #BQFF2016

Bengaluru is bracing up for the eighth edition of the Bangalore Queer Film Festival (BQFF), which will kick off in the city from Thursday, and will last for four days till February 28.

The fest, commences at Max Mueller Bhavan will continue at Alliance Francaise from February 26 to 28.The fest is organised by Swabhava Trust, Good as you (GAY), We’re here and Queer (WHaQ), Pirat Dykes. Entry is free and the event is open to all.

Poorva Rajaram, member of the festival’s organizing committee said “The format of BQFF has always been a mix of popular, mainstream and experimental and off-beat movies. Eight years ago, we had to struggle to find filmmakers who made films on queer subjects, but today, we have artists getting in touch with us asking to screen their films….Many people are using visual media to address the subject which is good in a way.”

In Black and White, Like Other Girls Do, Guy Next Door, Gabriel, Sundar, love Letter,  Qissa, In The Mood For Love, Mai, Battle for 377, Tell Me A Story, The Cream, Love Park and so many amazing queer movies will be screened at the festival.

Here is the complete schedule of the festival:




Our Leader, Our Pride: Apurva Asrani

Apurva Asrani, National Award winning film editor, best known for editing films like Satya, Shahid & City Lights, and now for ‘Aligarh’, is openly and proudly gay.
thequint-2015-10-c5b13d1f-8c90-44ee-a15f-b93feaf34eab-Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.56.33 pm
 Apurva says, “Today, with Aligarh, I have a great role model in Siras. He stands for so much more than his sexuality. He stands for great academic credentials, for lovely poetry, for a pure heart, for courage and for empathy. After 20 years of giving my all to the industry and after making a respectable name for myself, I feel comfortable to say that I am gay. It liberates me from the constant fear of being found out. And I have faith that our society can look beyond labels and have a holistic outlook towards people like me.”
At just 19, he had became a film editor on the film Satya and won the national award at the age of 23 for ‘snip’, a bilingual comedy. Apurva won the Filmfare Award for Best Editing for Satya at the Filmfare Awards in 1999. In 2001.
Apurva in an interview said, “I was so touched when my father, who is very uncomfortable talking about the issue, broke down after watching ‘Aligarh’. And now he’s been publicly supporting me on this film and for me that’s a huge thing.”
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Watch Out For ‘Aligarh. To be Released This Friday!

Aligarh is no Bajirao Mastani. It’s a small film. But with a heart and soul as big and brave as it can be. Watch out for the film that Mahesh Bhatt has rated as “a brave film by a brave director” and left Karan Johar speechless.

It’s a film that is creating a stir even before it has hit the Indian screens. Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh, which premiered at the Busan Film Festival and opened the MAMI, has anyway been hailed as one of the best films on homosexuality by critics around the world. But then Hansal, who has given us the National Award-winning Shahid, takes neither criticism nor appreciation too seriously.

Director Hansal Mehta says, “My films are as much about tragedy as hope. Like all good films, Aligarh too is character-driven. So when people go back after watching his film he expects them to remember and realise that here was a beautiful man, professor Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, an intellectual and a poet who was victimised for his sexual preferences. Since he lived and died, India and its people, he feels, have changed for sure.


As Manoj’s performance in the film is likely to go down as his career best, Hansal calls it “career-defining,” the gifted actor does agree that it’s indeed his most challenging part till date. The most difficult scene to can was the one in which he is shown sipping whisky listening to Lata Mangeshkar’s songs and the camera stays on his face for seven long minutes. Hansal too feels that while it’s easy to talk about loneliness in the script, it’s an insurmountable task to do so on silver screen.Manoj never proclaimed that no other actor could have done this role only that no top star would have agreed to do so. Method actor, a brilliant one, he has been eulogised many which ways, but he would only like to be known just as an actor.

Hansal says, “People in India are certainly in sync with the times only our Parliamentarians aren’t.” Besides our ideological organisations, such as right wing Hindu and Muslim groups, he feels continue to be homophobic. “Why they are Hindu-phobic, Muslim-phobic, minority-phobic and Dalit-phobic?” About censor board, which gave an A certificate to film’s trailer too, his opinion can only be acerbic.


It’s a man’s love story with his life that is interrupted by the society. The institution he worked for invaded his privacy and converted his solitude into loneliness. People isolated him from the world, which was unfair.

Professor Siras

A Story of Courage and Self-Love: Anvesh Kumar Sahoo!

From Being gay could be hard for some people but for Anvesh, it is one of the biggest leanings on the way. Anvesh is the winner of Mr. Gay India 2016 and a delegate for Mr. Gay World 2016.


Anvesh has had many nights filled with sadness and tears rolling down his eyes after learning about his sexuality.

He kept wondering why and how it happened to him. He would always feel left out in school and his friends would call him by all kinds of names. He was always side lined by his friends until he chose to stand up for himself.

He could not find any support from anyone in his family or friends. Then soon he got into a college and started staying in a hostel. He then thought that this time he would not let this happen to him again. He started enjoying his sexuality and accepted with pride that yes I am a gay so what?


He transformed completely and decided to change himself completely. He came out as a much contended confident person who became very social and ignored the harshness and fun made by others. He also started enjoying the fact that he is staying with other guys in the same hostel to whom he is attracted to.

He is also very passionate about life and takes it with a pinch of salt. He wants to live through the sweet memories of first kiss, getting married and adding another person in the family. Though the battle of being gay has not been easy yet it has taught him a lot of things on the way. He now runs a blog where he writes what his ideas and beliefs are on, topics like sexuality, confidence, accepting life and loving yourself.

Two Male Actors Kiss Each Other Publicly in Support of Gay Rights!

'Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive' Trailer launch gallery (1).jpgThe handsome hunks Manish Paul and Sikander Kher will soon be seen in the upcoming comedy movie ‘Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive’. But before the movie hits the silver screens, the duos did something unexpected while the promotional activity of the film was going on. The reporters asked the actors would they be interested to do a film on homosexuality. You just won’t believe what they did next.


Manish Paul who is known for his spontaneous dialogue delivery surprised many of them. Sikander Kher and Manish Paul actually kissed each other. If you don’t believe watch the video below shared by ANI. You will actually find hard to believe your eyes.

images (1).jpg


No matter what, the filmmakers in the country must have got to know that there are two handsome hunks who do not mind to do any gay act. This act actually requires guts though it was all part of fun.