11 Reasons why Romil and Jugal is a must watch for everyone

Ekta Kapoor’s AltBalaji digital platform brings an entertaining and progressive show, Romil And Jugal. With the lead cast of Rajeev Siddhartha and Manraj Singh, director Nupur Asthana has made a worth watching full fledged Indian Show. Here are some of the best things about Romil and Jugal.

1. Characters

Each character is so interesting and inspiring that you feel some connection with them. Cheerful and romantic Jugal, Deep and dashing Romil, flamboyant and smart Ramya, sophisticated Meher, and ofcourse the mature ones. Everyone makes you smile and inspires you in some way. The characters of Romil and Jugal are realistic. Meher and Ramya inspire to support and stand up for your gay friends. Each character is distinguished and original. Besides them, there are many impressive characters in the show.

2. Brilliant Actors

The actors have done their job magnificently. Protagonists Rajeev and Manraj express more through eyes than words. They make their characters look so real that you can literally feel their emotions. Their portrayal of gay characters is realistic and heart-touching. Romil is the most difficult character of the show. And Rajeev portrays it with excellence.

Srishti Ganguly, (who plays the role of Jugal’s sister Ramya), performs with grace. She fits in every situation. Vritika Ramnani (Meher, the best friend of Jugal) acts naturally. She expresses her love, insecurities and care for jugal very well.

3. Epic Romance

 The romance is obviously something you have never seen before. But at any moment, you never feel anything weird or uncomfortable. The romance is different but soul stirring. It touches your heart, either u r gay, straight, a boy or girl. It makes you realize that love is love.

4. Refreshing and Fun

 Romil and Jugal is a light hearted show. You would be enjoying each and every moment.

4. Dialogues:

The dialogues are original and impressive. They make you laugh as well as think. 


Romil and Jugal is an awesome RomCom. The characters have awesome sense of humor. Comic timing of actors is amazing. They give you light as well as heavy doses of laughter.

7. Music

The show has some nice songs and heartening background music.

8. Strong social messages

The show educates people about relationships, friendships, acceptance, tolerance. Through powerful instances, it explains how homosexuality is normal and natural. It inspires to accept and embrace homosexuality and speak up against homophobia. It makes you realize how wrong and sinful it is to marginalize and oppress homosexuals.

9. Drama/Suspense.

 This show is full on drama. At every moment, u wonder whats gonna happen next. You enjoy every moment. While watching it, either you will be smiling, laughing, touched, shocked or crying!

10.Its for everyone.

 If you think its just a gay romance, you are totally wrong. This is for everyone, straight/gay/men/women/adults/matures.You can relate yourself to some character. There are no adult scenes. Its a family show.

11. Progressive and meaningful

 Real cinema is what makes you think. Cinema is what stirrs your emotions, your mindset. Romil and Jugal represents the reality and breaks various myths and stereotypes. It doesnt force you to make any opinion. it makes you think by yourself. Its a film which you enjoy as well as learn from.

Watch Romil and Jugal now on ALTBalaji


By Himanshu Gupta ~Admin & Writer GRI



One thought on “11 Reasons why Romil and Jugal is a must watch for everyone

  1. plz season 2 jaldi banaya Jai…..or plz Romeo Juliet ko change nai karna…..they have brilliant chemistry. they made for each other……..ilove both ….uuumaaahh


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