Romil And Jugal is a reality of our society, which every Indian needs to acknowledge.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ was based on one couple but this Romil and Jugal is based on lives of millions. There are Romils and Jugals who are fighting for their love, their existence and dying from inside everyday. Romil and Jugal is not just a show, its a mirror of our homophobic society.

The last episodes will leave you into tears. It would be most difficult for gay men to watch them, because Its not a drama for them its the reality of their lives. But besides those sad moments, this story has fun, romance, comedy and it motivates gay men to come out, accept themselves, be proud and raise their voice, because it shows India is finally changing! 

This show gives us incredible experience we never had until now. 

Nupur Asthana’s Romil and Jugal is a powerful show. It pushes people to think and acknowledge the truth. It makes them feel the pain of those innocent people whose lives are full of complications, challenges and tragedies. This show is definitely gonna touch everyone’s hearts.

Actors Rajeev Siddhartha and Manraj Singh have done justice to their characters. They have performed from their inner souls. These actors are not just the artists of Cinema, they are the artists of society and the nation.

Kudos to the amazing team of Romil and Jugal. The director Nupur Asthana has remarkably performed and the actors have given their perfect.

Romil and Jugal is for everyone, not just homosexuals. Watch this with your friends, parents and family.

It’s not less than a full-fledged Bollywood movie. It was actually scripted as a movie.   It’s pathetic that such progressive and meaningful cinema couldn’t be released as a movie. The Censor Board is a shame for our country. Thanks to digital media, which is an easy way to broadcast and reach to people. Watch these episodes, like them, share them widely!

Romil and Jugal has the potential to change the prejudiced mindset of Indians.

Episode 01
Episode 02

Episode 03


2 thoughts on “Romil And Jugal is a reality of our society, which every Indian needs to acknowledge.

  1. Such a great show of Nupur Asthana’s
    Its really a motivational show for gay people…
    I solute u ……Nupur asthana….


  2. How do we get all the series???only 3 series are there in youtube and only sites…wanted to watch all series from so long


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