Romil And Jugal Shows Mirror to the Society : Rajeev Siddhartha

Romil And Jugal love story, the web series breaks the stereotypes and myths about homosexuality in the Indian society.

The actor Rajeev Siddhartha, who plays Romil, told IANS, “One of the very interesting parts of my character is how he discovers his sexual orientation and because of the social pressure, he could not come out and deal with the fact that he is homosexual until he meets Jugal.”

“That is one of the realities where in our society at times, we fail to deal with our orientation thinking this is all wrong because our mind is conditioned in a certain way. Here (in the Indian society) homosexuality is a taboo. So, this web series shows a mirror to the society in an entertaining manner.”

To establish anything unconventional, one needs parents’ support. His thoughts?

“I studied and worked as an investment banker before deciding to take up acting as my profession. When I told my parents, their first reaction was, ‘Have you lost your mind? You are leaving a great career, a steady job for acting, which has no stability and you know no one in the industry?’ Rajeev recalled.

“Staying focused at that time, convincing them and finding my way to live my dream was a task. The best part is… my parents are proud of me now,” he added.

“Getting a role in a film is tough anyway because of huge competition in the film industry. Having said that, I don’t think people will not cast me because I played a gay character on screen. Times are changing and now films are more character-driven. So if someone will find potential in me, I believe they will cast me in a film,” he said.

Produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Nupur Asthana, Romil and Jugal will stream on Alt Balaji app from April 16.




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