Flash Mobs: Progressive and powerful way to spread awareness

Every year, LGBT youth organisations Yaariyan and Harmless Hugs lead a team of 35 to 50 dancers in a flash mob. The event, recently organized in Thane, Mumbai is held every year at various public places in Delhi and Mumbai.

Mumbai’s flash mobs have been organized by Yaariyan since 2014 at Marine Drive, Dadar, Bandra Vashi and this year in Thane. The men and women dance to Hindi songs and aim to spread awareness about homosexuality and LGBT rights.

A mob is a progressive way to end ignorance in the society. It takes place at random popular public places, allowing it to engage people of all types, of different ages. The group dances to a number of Bollywood songs and ends the performance by shouting slogans in support of LGBT rights.

It’s amazing to see public watching this event. Someone is shocked, sweating and some are smiling. But it’s unlikely that any homophobic person hates this because these mobs are so beautiful and powerful, they push people to embrace homosexuality.

Kudos to Yaariyan and Harmless Hugs and those awesome participants.

Watch more videos on youtube searching keywords delhi/mumbai lgbt flash mob. Like and share widely.

Delhi based Harmless Hugs is an expansive space that empowers members of the LGBT community and its allies.

Mumbai based Yaariyan is a Humsafar Trust Youth Initiative that was initiated to understand current trends and behavior of LGBT youth. The Yaariyan Core Team currently comprises a group of ten LGB-identified youth between the ages of 18 and 28 years. 



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