Nagpur City’s Second LGBT Pride March 

Hundreds of people marched in Nagpur’s second LGBT pride parade to give the message of equality and acceptance. India’s first gay royal to come out of the closet – Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil — flagged off the march. 

A Youngster Venkatesh Kodukula tells,  “This is my first visit to Nagpur and I am amazed to see the enthusiasm of the community here. It’s good to see so many youngsters coming out in the open and acknowledging their sexual orientation.”
Prince Manvendra shares a message through this pride, which is concerned with the problems within the community, “If LGBTQ people want to be accepted by others, they need to come out from the psychological ghetto and educate themselves to break the shackles of fear and ostracism.”

Straight people also participated in the pride march to show their support for the community. A student of NKP Salve Institute, Surabhi Mitra, said, “I have been a supporter of LGBTQ rights ever since one of my close friends came out to me. My friends and I are here today to celebrate them and to show the community that they are not alone in this fight for equality.”


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