No Entry: Homophobic Cafes And Their Hilarious Excuses

Discriminatory and regressive attitude among staff of some bars and cafes is really pathetic. There are so many restaurants which claim to be very modern and inclusive but in real, they are very hollow and intolerant.

“Stags are not allowed because women are vulnerable and might feel unsafe”, “Straight men might pretend to be a gay couple to get entry.” These are some awkward excuses which hyopcritic bar owners make for discriminating against homosexual men or couples.

Many bars and cafes use ‘no stags’ policies, which is unfair for all men. The policy means single, duo or group of men are not allowed to enter, to maintain the ‘boy-girl ratio’ and to ensure safety of women. 

Such a discrimination is immoral and unconstitutional. If this is right thing to do, lets ban stags from Cinema halls, shopping malls, offices and even roads too, so that women would feel safe!  

“We ban stags from bars or cafes because men can get aggressive after they drink.” Nonsense! A bar is not a place to judge a man’s character. If a man respects women, he would do that even if he is drunk. And if someone is characterless, he would misbehave everywhere, not just in bars. And drunk girls also get unruly and might create nuisances.

A cafe or bar’s motive is to eat-drink, dance, have some fun and return home. Keeping someone out on basis of advanced possibilities is ridiculous.

If some men misbehave or something disturbing happens, it’s the duty of staff to tackle that, which should be well trained. They need to form some mechanisms to ensure safety of women rather than balantly refusing men to enter. Its immoral as well as unconstitutional.

Article 15(2) states that [No citizen shall, on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth be subject to any disability, liability, restriction or condition with regard to  – (a) access to shops, public restaurants, hotels and places of public entertainment]

On Valentines Day, two gay men were denied entry to a bar in Delhi when they said they were a couple. They were mocked by the staff and were told, “only couples are allowed”, by which they meant, only a man and a woman.

The bar owner explains, we denied entry to them because only we ‘thought‘ they were pretending to be gay as its a ‘convenient‘ way to get entered. 

Oh Really? This is not US or UK, where men pretend to be gay to get benefits. This is India, being gay or even pretending this is stigmatized and full of complications. Straight men would better choose any female friend or cousin with them to get entry before thinking about pretending gay. 

And how do you ensure someone is faking to be gay. On what grounds you claim they are pretending to be a couple? Do you have any test for this? Why dont you get such doubts about straight couples, who are more likely to fake to enter as a couple. It is also possible that gay men pretend to be straight, entering with their any girl- friend. But straight men pretending to be gay, it’s unlikely. Banning gay couples, airily considering them straight is unacceptable.

If you still don’t get it, discover a test to determine someone’s sexuality or ask your guests to bring a ‘sexuality’ Card with them for proof!

Dear Bar Owners, don’t try to justify yourself awkwardly to hide your bigoted mindset.

Copyright (c) 2017 GayRightsIndia. Don’t Copy or Reproduce.


One thought on “No Entry: Homophobic Cafes And Their Hilarious Excuses

  1. ah y a des beaux modèls…des sexy mec, merci pour les illustrations, je te remercie infiniment.

    En ce qui me concerne, je suis un peu dégouté, avec ma solitude, là je suis avec des patients au cabinet, je t’embrasse très fort.

    J’espère que tu vas bien et que tu passes des bons moments au bord…..bisous


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