Myntra Features Real Life Gay Couple in its Valentine Special Ad

Fashion Brand Myntra shares a powerful social message of acceptance, inclusivity and equality; featuring an adorable gay couple in its latest commercial.


The Valentine special ad features four different real life couples.


One of them were Sukanth and Vaibhav, who were previously seen in UrbanClap’s photoshoot.


Kudos to Sukanth and Vaibhav, for their remarkable courage to come out publicly, expressing their love for each other and fighting for equality and human rights, being an inspiration for homosexuals and an eye-opener for ignorant homophobes.


In 2015, Myntra also featured a lesbian couple in a commercial under its campaign ‘BoldAndBeautiful’. Top brands like eBay, Uber, Jabong have been raising awareness about homosexuality through social platforms. This should be followed by other social brands too because what they represent exerts a powerful influence on people. Having a wide social reach, they have the best opportunity to contribute to this noble cause.


Sukanth and Vaibhav have been dating for five years and their journey has been wonderful, full of experiences and discoveries.

In the commercial, they are asked to make each other’s fashion wishlist to test how well they understand there partner’s fashion choices. Vaibhav shares, “Everything i buy, i first show it to him, even when i am out of the country or travelling. I never take those decisions on my own.”

When asked about who is more romantic, Sukanth says ‘it’s me’ and Vaibhav agrees with him.

Watch this heartening TVC here:

Love is love. It doesn’t go by age, caste or gender. It is a sacred flame that burns eternally and none can destroy or diminish its glow.


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