Progressive Step Forward || Manipal University Organizes Campus’ first ever Pride March.

LGBT awareness programmes in Colleges play a great role in establishing an inclusive society. The students of Manipal, straight as well as queer, raised their voices in ‘Manipal Ally March’ in support of the LGBTQ community on Sunday. The march was a part of University’s annual media fest A-19,  in association with Namma Pride, Bangalore Chapter, and CSMR (Coalition for Sex Workers,’ Sexual and Sexuality Minorities’ Rights).

Students protested for repeal of Section 377 of IPC and the implementation of inclusive language in all institutions. The march also raised a cry for the numerous atrocities against the community. The rally also urged that the teaching and non-teaching staff of all institutions be trained in matters of gender and sexual identity.

Shivani Singh, the co-ordinator of the event said, “This ally march is the first of its kind in Manipal. We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in their struggle to achieve equal rights, something that the fest, A-19 stands for.”



One thought on “Progressive Step Forward || Manipal University Organizes Campus’ first ever Pride March.

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