Trailer Launch of the Silent Gay Love Movie SISAK on Jan 30

India’s first silent LGBT film SISAK is a love story between two men in the compartment of a Mumbai local trains.  The trailer of this much awaited movie shall be launched by Sonam Kapoor through her twitter account on Jan 30 at 5 PM.


The movie is based on that whole world of cruising in Mumbai locals that no one talks about. It’s about men who are lonely and looking for love. It’s silent but beautiful and sensual.

Director Faraz Arif Ansari says, “The government have literally pulled the tongues out of our mouth. That’s why it’s a silent film. It’s about two people who want to be together, but they can’t be because of your stupid laws.”

The film is named Sisak, which in Urdu refers to the cry that’s stuck within your chest.

 Ansari felt compelled to tell the world this story. It’s that celebration of love in its purest form, that special feeling when you make eye contact with a stranger.

“There are so many silent, conversational bonds which exist in the train, and they just break off when people leave. It was then that the idea of creating a story about two men on the train came to me. Sisak was born of all these observations,” says Ansari.

Making this film was a difficult task. Shooting in local trains was a tedious task and there were financial hurdles too but the determination of the team was remarkable. With the help of WishBerry Foundation, Ansari has collected 4.25 lakh rupees through crowdfunding, and is ready to release.

Cast of the movie:

The 36-year-old Jitin Gulati plays a hot-shot corporate leader who doesn’t need to take the train, but only does it to feel that daily intimacy with a fellow man. He is having all the success in the world, but there is a hidden pain of loneliness in his heart. His love interest is a young boy, someone not as sharply dressed or successful. Played by Dhruv Singhal, a 21 year old student.

Jitin Gulati (previously seen in AMEN;, Dhruv Singhal ( 21 yr old Mass media student); araz Arif Ansari (Director ); Pritam Das ( Band Baaja Baaraat and Fan ) as sound designer;  Saurabh Goswami ( Ek Thi Dayaan ) as director of photography.

First look :



We hope the film reaches a wide audience, highlighting the struggle of the Indian homosexual community and ending ignorance and prejudice in our society.




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