Delhi man gang raped; but no chances of justice for him as there is section 377

A man was kidnapped, drugged and brutally raped in Delhi but section 377 makes him unable to report it.

He’s a researcher at a top institution of India, he is also a screenplay writer and a poet. The criminal is another student of the same prestigious university.

A friend of him, Arnav, posting some screenshots of his chat with him, expressed his anger against section 377, “Seems Delhi is equally unsafe for some men, but they don’t even legally have a voice.”



Section 377, which criminalizes man-on-man sex, is the cause of blackmailing, extortion and heinous crimes like rape and murder in the gay community. It gives freedom to criminals because they know victim can’t report anything on chances of getting arrested.

The constitution of India doesn’t even consider rape against men as a criminal offence. Making it worse, section 377 criminalizes the victim instead. Fortunately, there are enough laws and awareness about women’s safety. But a man’s safety is out of the question until there is section 377.




2 thoughts on “Delhi man gang raped; but no chances of justice for him as there is section 377

  1. The rape was non-consensual sex. The good gentleman did not consent to having sex with those guys. He was forced to have sex with them by them. It is a clear cut case of 377 against the perpetrators. However, the burden of proof still lies on the victim. If he can prove that he was really raped, then it will be a open and shut case in favour of the victim. In the meantime, I suggest he launch an FIR against those men with the help of his family. The victim has an obligation to take action in the interests of social security so that such incidents can be discouraged from taking place ever again in future. The victim should inform his family immediately. Thanks.


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