7 Reasons Why Every Straight Man Needs A Gay Best Friend

Just put your homophobia aside for a moment and see how a gay friend can make your life fabulous!

1. Gay guys have lots of hot girl-friends. They might introduce you to them and also set you up with anyone. 

2. A gay guy can guide u best in grooming, fashion or fitness. Gays have a wider knowledge about these things as they are very much concerned about their body and looks. And You’ll always get an honest opinion on your level of attractiveness.

3. They are sensitive to your feelings. Most of your buddies don’t want to hear your sad story. You can hug him whenever you need emotional support.

4. Gay men understand girls much better than you and they can help you in building a healthy relationship with ur girlfriend/wife. 

5. They can tell how to impress any girl because they can see u from a girl’s perspective. They can make you what a girl wants to see in you. They are kinda ‘luv gurus’. 

6. Gay men go through a lot of growing up and facing challenges, so they are mature enough to help u with coming through the troubles. 

7. A gay friend is the best person to talk about hygiene and also sexual health.

 So, next time you get to see a gay man, dont miss the chance of having an amazing friend.


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