Censor’s chief deletes gay kisses from ‘Befikre’ movie

A song  ‘Labon ka karobar’ from befikre movie was initially released with  kisses between all kinds of couples, young, old, gay, straight. But Censor board’s chief Pahlaj Nihalani has cut the gay kiss scenes from the song in the movie. 

He says Indians will not accept this. Oh really? How could he decide this himself?  How could he force his regressive mindset over others? Mr. Nihalani, if you think Indians are as outdated and homophobic as you, its your biggest misconception.

This movie with extreme boldness and intimacy has been given a U/A certificate, why? Just Because it’s a heterosexual movie! And only heterosexuals can breathe in India.
Progressive movies on homosexuality  struggle to get released,  or are given ‘A’ certificate even if there is no intimacy at all. These are released with so many cuts and mutes that the movie’s soul is killed. 
Unfortunately the Indian censor board continues to be a reflection of regressive and homophobic society. Censor’s dictatorship must be stopped to make a progressive India!


One thought on “Censor’s chief deletes gay kisses from ‘Befikre’ movie

  1. And they say we live in a progressive India with freedom, liberty and justice for all when in reality this is India which is far removed from its ancient wisdom and awerness of sexuality, but stuck up in outdated stupid British Victorian laws like Section 377, of which the Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani, is the poster boy of all insensitivity.


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