Section 377: A big threat to HIV/AIDS prevention.

The National AIDS Control Organization had admitted in its affidavit that Section 377 acted as a “serious impediment” to successful public health interventions. “

MSMs are mostly reluctant to reveal same-sex behaviour due to fear of law enforcement agencies, keeping a large section invisible and unreachable and thereby pushing the cases of infection underground making it very difficult for public health workers to even access them. 

Social stigma forces many MSMs to deny their behaviour, thereby marrying or having sex with female partners and subsequently they too are at the risk of HIV/AIDS.

Healthcare systems who work with LGBTs are also vulnerable. UNAIDS said in a statement that the number of organizations providing HIV services to gay people rose more than 50 percent when homosexuality was decriminalized in 2009. 

After the 2009 ruling, we saw a jump in gay men coming to public health centers on their own, seeking medical advice or treatment. And according to WHO reports, there was a significant decrease in AIDS in 2009-13, while section 377 was dropped by delhi court.


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