​Webseries ‘All About Section 377’  to be broadcasted on National Television !

All About Section 377 will be aired on NDTV Prime at 9 pm on Fridays, beginning 25 November. Episodes will be repeated on Saturdays and Sundays.
India’s first webseries on homosexuality starring Amit Khanna, Ankit Bhatia and Gulshan Nain is now being remade for television. It will be the first TV series on homosexuality and it is also the first time a Web series has been picked up by a national broadcaster.
The lighthearted programme, produced by Weirdoze and The Creative Gypsy, explores the relationship between a homophobic man who moves into the Mumbai home of his gay cousin (played by Amit Khanna) and his boyfriend (Ankit Bhatia). Ultimately,  the show is about freedom of love.
The first series reportedly attracted over 40,000 viewers per episode on YouTube when it streamed earlier this year.
Director Amit Khanna says, “NDTV Prime got in touch with us last month to discuss the formalities and we were elated. The limited online audience gave us encouraging feedback, and by airing it on television, issues of LGBT community will grab more eyeballs.”


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