‘Out of Closet’ – Delhi University’s first pride parade by IIT Delhi.

As a part of the annual cultural fest of IIT Delhi, Rendezvous, Delhi University (DU) students came forward to support the first pride parade.

This social awareness campaign under ‘Pehchaan’ of IIT-D was titled as ‘Out of Closet’ and began from St. Stephen’s College and ended at Hansraj College of the North Campus.

The major highlight of the pride parade was a flash mob on ‘Wavin’ Flag song by IIT-D students. Additionally, Sharif D Rangnekar, a lyricist and LGBTQ activist and Sukhdeep Singh, editor of LGBTQ magazine, Anwesh Sahoo, Mr. Gay India and a student of IIIT were among those present at the event.
Students carried posters, raised slogans and participated in a flashmob to express solidarity with the cause.
Aman Sinha, a student from Ramjas College said, “ People need to embrace their individuality, talk about it, and not make fun. Events like these marches are a good way to encourage people to come out of the closet.”

Gaurav Kumar, an MA English student from Delhi University,“Thanks to so much of activism and media coverage, the city has become more accommodating and the acceptance levels have risen drastically,” he said.

In the end, Sharif addressed the students, “Colleges having gender forums and taking such initiatives is really wonderful. The real issue is the violence the society inflicts on those who have the strength to break away from the norm. Many such incidents are not reported, but the ones coming to light weaken the resolve of others who want to come out, but can’t. Societal pressure gets to them.”

However, the march procession was disturbed and interrupted by a group of people who did not consider it apt because of the funding involved in the same. Students of IIT Delhi assured that no money was taken from the sponsors as it was a part of the social awareness campaign.


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