Ka Bodyscapes Movie: High Court Rules in Favour

Jayan Cherian’s Ka Bodyscapes, a gay love story, was rejected by the censor board, saying it contains obscenity. The makers had filed a petition challenging it. Now in a rightful judgement, Justice P B Sureshkumar said that the film doesn’t offend the censor board guidelines.


“Mere references to homosexuality and masturbation of women may not amount to obscenity or vulgarity,” high court said, “The freedom to think and act differently is an essential feature of democracy. The said freedom includes freedom to react and respond to the same situations differently and distinctly. one cannot expect everybody to express themselves in the same manner. If the freedom to express one’s ideas is not conceded, there will not be any creativity at all.”

Ka Bodyscapes is a poetic gay love story in the backdrop of an oppressive and intrusive social environment. It’s a film which questions individual freedom and civil liberties in times of homophobia and rising religious and economic extremist forces.

Set in Kerala, India, the story explores the world of a gay painter Haris (Jason Chacko), his lover and Kabaddi player Vishnu (Rajesh Kannan and a muslim woman Sia (Naseer) battles misogyny at her orthodox Muslim home and humiliation at workplace.

It had its premiere at the 2016 BFI Flare LGBT film festival.


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