Men Could Have Babies With Each Other in Near Future!!

A shocking result from a new research says gay couples might have babies through fusing the sperm with skin cells. As such, it could lead the way to human reproduction that completely cuts the female part of the process.

In an experiment on mice, it was possible to produce healthy offspring this way. The scientists produced 30 mouse pups with a high success rate.

The stunning result could mean that it would be possible to fuse sperm with ordinary cells like skin or other tissue to produce babies.

The experiment used “parthenogenote” mouse embryos that were created by scientists. Parthenogenotes are similar to other ordinary cells, like skin cells. Both are mitotic, and if living offspring can be produced from one then it should be possible to create them from the other using the same technique.

Senior Research Scientist Dr. Perry said, “Will we be able to do that? I don’t know. But I think, if it is ever possible, one day in the distant future people will look back and say this is where it started.”



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