Can India Have an Openly Gay Cricketer or Sportsperson?

Homophobia is widely spread in sports world. In India, situations are worse. A gay person struggles hard but loses in this battle with discrimination based on prejudice.

Booker Prize winner Aravind Adiga explores and raises many questions about Homosexuality in sports in his book ‘Selection Day’.

Ansari and Kumar are two characters of this book, who are simply two 14-year-old boys batting in a cricket league. but the homo-erotic romance between Javed Ansari and Manjunath Kumar is absolutely striking! The boys face immense and complex challenges in their life, and it forms the gest of ‘Selection Day’.

Sneha Wakharia from Scroll writes, “The locker room is considered one of the last bastions of homophobia – a place where the careers of LGBTQ sportspersons die before they are born. Where superiority is expressed by condemnation of differences. Where uniformity masquerades as discipline. Where compassion is reserved for more extraordinary circumstances only.

Put a gay teenager in a locker room full of heterosexual teenagers vying to be Maximum Heterosexual (and waiting to sniff out the outliers). That teenager is now unlikely to emerge with his sense of self-intact. And the world now has one less chance at getting a gay century-scorer.”

 India can’t have an openly gay sportstar, many claim. That might not be true, India is changing and will change much more in forthcoming years. My belief is based on a sense of positivity, an odour of equality, love and acceptance, which is spreading day by day! If not in 10 years, then certainly within next 25 years, India will have a gay cricketer, boxer, wrestler or any sportsperson!

~Admin @GayRightsIndia


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