The Proposed Surrogacy Bill: Unfortunate, Ridiculous and Discriminatory!

Govt is planning a a complete ban on commercial surrogacy. Gay couples and single parents (Indians as well as foreigners) are completely banned from having a child through surrogacy. Only Indian wedded couples are allowed to do so if they are able to find a very close relative as surrogate mother.

For some years past, Indian government has started a ‘Ban’ strategy. If any issue has some problems or challenges, just ban it completely. But ban is not any solution.

Government said the law is intended to protect surrogate mothers from exploitation. Yes, there are some complications in surrogacy like in some past cases where a couple took home one child from a twin birth or a couple left a disabled baby with the surrogate. Putting a ban on the whole thing is not the solution for this. Instead, govt should tackle these problems and implement laws for their protection.

Surrogacy is a big source of earning for some poor women. You are snatching away their source of earning. This is a gift of medical technology to couples who can’t reproduce babies. How can you take that gift away from them?

In 2001, India legalized commercial surrogacy. It’s tragic that India is going backwards. India’s surrogacy business is estimated at around $1 billion a year and growing.There are around 3,000 fertility clinics in India.

So, what are you doing next, Modi Sarkar? Would you now put a ban on owning a car to avoid traffic on roads?

The surrogacy law is yet to be passed by both houses of parliament and we hope govt will realize its mistake and drop this idea!

-Writer and Admin @GayRightsIndia


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