Is There Any Cure For Censor Board’s Homophobia?

Owing to censor’s homophobia, good filmmakers are abstained from making meaningful work.  Denial of progressive movies by censor is an obstacle in the social development of our country.

Recently, Censor Board absurdly denied certification for a Malayali film “Ka Bodyscapes”.The film is a story of two men in love; Vishnu, a Kabaddi Player and Haris, a painter. It’s also about a woman Sia, who takes a stand against patriarchal norms.

The Censor board sent a letter to the director of the movie giving ridiculous reasons for stalling the movie.

First Reason: (Really sick)
In the movie, Hindu God ‘Hanuman’ is shown in the books on homosexuality, and so it humiliates Hindu religion.
Second Reason: (meaningless)
The movie’s posters highlight the word ‘gay’.
Third Reason: (extremely miscogynist)
The film has references to female masturbation.

There could be 1000 logical and better reasons to deny approval of movies like Grand Masti, Mastizaade and Kya Super kool hai hum. How did such vulgar and depraved films get censor’s approval? Many mainstream movies that show gratuitous violence are often cleared for audience. But why Censor is so afraid of ‘gay’ word?

Director of Ka Bodyscapes, Jayan Charian, who identifies himself as queer, said, “I feel deeply committed to the cause and will challenge it in the high court. We will fight for free speech.”

The film has been screened at film festivals around the world including in the BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival 2016. The film is a work of fiction set in contemporary Kerala, but the characters have been inspired by real people Jayan has come across. The plot integrates several important historical events.

Censor’s personal mentality and prejudiced mind is damaging our country. Censor needs to cure itself of its illness.

Content copyrights: (Writer and Admin @gayrightsindia)




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