PM Modi Can Learn A Lot From Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made history on Sunday when he marched in Canada’s largest pride parade.Wearing pink shirt, he looked like a love angel for gays, who wants to see happiness and affection among his people. Trudeau said, “We have to speak up anytime there is intolerance or discrimination.”

“It shouldn’t be a big thing that a prime minister’s walking a Pride parade, and from now on it won’t,” he said.

Well, that’s really a big thing for us Mr. Trudeau, because we have a PM who has never spoken a word about gay rights. We can’t even imagine that he is participating in Delhi Queer Pride.

India is not much far from Canada in any field; power, economy, education, prosperity, urbanization. We can compare these two countries in every field. But why, why there is no comparison when it comes to gay rights and equality. Why Indian PM is so homophobic who doesn’t even care about the community and ignores millions of people, whose lives have been wrenched away.

It’s true that we can’t expect from Mr. Modi to take part in Delhi Queer Pride, neither we see in him a leader for gay community . We just want him to take a stand against discrimination, scrap section 377, bring justice and save millions of lives.
Actually, at this time we just want to break his silence and just say what he thinks about section 377.

A person who is known for his speeches, who has spoken about almost every issue in several countries, is neutral and mute. His silence is unacceptable. How can he ignore the fundamental rights of people?

Mr. Modi, you can make India powerful, but you can’t make it happy, unless you give every citizen the right of personal liberty, the right to live, the right to love!

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