Review: Sasural ‘Gay’nda Fool

The film gives a strong message in a very light-hearted manner! Script entertains, dialogues impress!

‘Same sex Kundli-matching app’ , which is still to be made, strikes on how families are unable to accept this kind of marriage because of the homophobic  laws and society with which they are bound.

It’s really impressive how babuji explains homosexuality is not
unnatural. It’s delightful to see when the families accept them and start discussing about marriage rituals.

Babuji (Alok Nath) inspires, “I have taught my son to love everyone”

“I have been bored doing ‘Kanyadan’, now i’ll get something new to do.”

“Let’s not spoil their love because of our obstinacy.”

“how is it unnatural? If they got married, Would their be tsunami in Yamuna, or galciers would start melting?”

It looks like a dream to see two families meeting up for the marriage of their sons. But we believe this will surely come true one day. 
We trust in Indian constitution, section 377 will be striked down soon, gay marriages will be legalized and there will be a ‘same-sex kundli matching app’ !

That day has yet to come when Vimlesh and Kiran get married but it’s not very far! When section 377 will be striked down. we would like to see next part of this movie when both the families accept them and get them married. 🙂

Thanks to Amal Sehrawat, Babuji and the whole team!


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