Anil Kapoor Is Determined For The Indian ‘Modern Family’ Remake

Anil Kapoor, with daughter Sonam Kapoor is firm on remaking the show ‘Modern Family in its full essence.

Gay couple will be integral part of the show. “Honestly won’t do ‘Modern Family’ if the same-sex couple were to be eliminated. After all, Cam and Mitch are an integral part of the show, and an important reason for the family being aptly modern,” Anil Says.

The writing process for the Indian version of the ABC show will begin in the next few months. Kapoor promises that the Indian version will live up to the standards set by “Modern Family.”

However, despite the positive attitude of this father-daughter duo, getting actors to play the roles of openly gay characters like Mitch and Cam is going to be difficult. But the success of the movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’, has somewhat helped to eliminate insecurity among Indian actors in playing gay roles.

Certainly, India needs a progressive and modern show like that.


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