I find the term ‘Queer’ derogatory: Apurva Asrani

Queer means ‘very unusual’, ‘weird’ or ‘abnormal’ and that is the reason , award winning screenwriter- editor Apurva Asrani has an issue with the word ‘Queer’.

“While this word even faced opposition across the world, gay rights activists in the US reclaimed the word, in order to prove that they were not ashamed of ‘being Queer’. But Gay people in India are still fighting for dignity and a sense of identity. If we are fine with Queer, we should have the courage to call ourselves ‘gud’, a term often used by the ignorant heterosexuals to mock gay people. Gud or jaggery is not a bad term but is often used in a negative connotation.”

He had been boycotted Kashish Queer Festival for several years but this time, Apurva is slated to be on the panel of a debate at the ongoing KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival Apurva stated, “I am going to attend in protest. I have nothing against the festival or the organizers. What they are doing is great but an ideal word has to be found, as abuse against the community is rampant.”

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