Hollywood star Ellen Page to Shoot Film on Indian Gay Culture.

Openly lesbian star Ellen Page known for known for ‘Inception’, ‘Juno’,’ X-Men’ n is in India shooting something very cool.

Page is filming a show called ‘Gaycation’ which explores the diverse cultures of sexual minorities around the world. The actress is here for a few more weeks and is likely to cover Mumbai, Delhi and varanasi. The idea is to get an in-depth insight into the gay culture of India, understand the struggles and the resistance the community faces, the stigmatization as well as the country’s homophobia. This will really be an inspiration for Indian filmmakers.

Apurva Asrani, who wrote the script for Aligarh, is one of the guests who’ll feature in Gaycation. Apurva wrote on his timeline, “Page came over to my place recently and met the family. She’s an extremely humble, unassuming person who I had a great time interacting, especially about Aligarh which she absolutely loved. I am also one of the guests on the show that she’s shooting.”

Apurva Asrani and family with Ellen.


She anchors the show with her close friend, Ian Daniel. Gaycation has taken Page and Daniel to several countries. Like Japan where they saw a young man come out to his mother on camera and Brazil, where they encountered a man who admits to killing gay people. Let’s see how this show represents Indian gay lives.

Ellen Page got an standing ovation during her coming-out speech.



One thought on “Hollywood star Ellen Page to Shoot Film on Indian Gay Culture.

  1. daring work for indian people but i want to come foren and i want to work there and spend my life there with my partner


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