Indian Parents Launch LGBT Support Group After Son Comes Out!

Vijay and Sushma Agarwal, who helped their son organize his Hindu gay wedding at Canada, have launched a Support Group, telling they hope they can help their community to be ‘more open’.

After joining a support group for ‘parents, families and friends of LGBTs in Canada– the pair have been busy spreading the word about acceptance, with Sushma even publishing a book called Loving My Gay Child.

The Agarwals hope it will encourage people from Indian community in particular to seek support.

When Rishi came out to his parents, they were initially shocked but Vijay (father) quickly decided he should approach the situation with logic. He says, ‘I realized that even though I’d always thought I was a knowledgeable guy, I’d been totally ignorant about this subject. And I hope that before I leave this Earth, people will be saying how silly it was that they used to think being gay was unnatural. This is how humans have been made by God.’

Sushma, Rishi’s mother was especially thrilled to report that their story has been featured in The Hindustan Times. She said, “If we can get the community talking about this, instead of keeping things hush-hush and suffering inside, then that’s success.”

risi parents small
It takes a family to make a wedding memorable. From L to R: Vijay, Rishi, Dan and Sushma at the same-sex Hindu wedding of their son, Rishi with Dan.






3 thoughts on “Indian Parents Launch LGBT Support Group After Son Comes Out!

  1. i m so happy that parents accepting gay son and i want to that my parents also accept me but i want to go foren and spend my life there pls help me pls


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