Partly Indian Gay Wedding Breaks Several Stereotypes!!

Simon McNorton, from Indian origin and his husband Justin Johnson: Their backgrounds, upbringings, religions, totally different! But at their wedding they celebrated those differences in a beautiful way.


They both wanted a non-traditional wedding- one that blended their different styles and cultures. On their big day, Simon donned a traditional Indian Sherwani, Justin wore his Marine Blues.

Simon’s Indian connection comes from his mother, who is an Indian married to a British.


Incorporating their family and friends into the celebration was the biggest priority for them. 


Simon McNorton is a member of ‘Indicorps’ – an NGO for people of Indian origin. Simon has been working for gay rights and against homophobia around the world. His work also involves helping adults and children with developmental disabilities.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking back on everything today, Justin and Simon- who now live in the U.K.- couldn’t be more pleased with the way the day turned out.    

They say getting to that point comes down to one thing: A willingness to compromise, even when differences threaten to get in the way. But ultimately, they say, any differences turned out to be a good thing.        

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