Watch: ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ Teaser (2016)

Ka Bodyscapes: A Film which questions individual freedom, civil liberties and sexual choices in times of misogyny, homophobia and rising religious and economic extremist forces.

Ka Bodyscapes turns the focus on a free-spirited gay painter and his love interest who’s a Kabaddi player. Fundamentally, it’s a poetic love story in the backdrop of an oppressive and intrusive social environment.

‘Ka Bodyscapes’ is directed by the New York-based Jayan Cherian, whose  feature film Papilio Buddha won awards at the Berlin Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival and the Kerala State Film Awards.

Film is also about their friend Sia, who battles misogyny at her orthodox Muslim home and humiliating labour controls and dehumanising surveillance at her white-collar workspace.

Kannan Rajesh, Jason Chacko and Naseera to play the intensely-portrayed central characters in Ka Bodyscapes. 

Director Jayan says, “Kerala’s history is layered with struggles, and the resistance portrayed in Ka Bodyscapes is contemporary, which the society is glad to sweep under the carpet. I do not approve of cataloguing movies—Ka Bodyscapes is for everyone and is different from the clichéd heterosexual-monogamous relationships portrayed in movie.”

2 thoughts on “Watch: ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ Teaser (2016)

  1. if at all you are looking for a real strong feature film script content oriented, about gay community in India, you can contact me. a story which never ever told before with the subjects authenticity. an eye opener to the society and to break the wrong myth people holds about gayism.


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