Fawad Khan Talks About Playing Homosexual in ‘Kapoor And Sons’.

Film ‘Kapoor And sons’ has turned out to be one of the most anticipated films this month.

While many think it’s a triangle love story, Fawad explains it isn’t. “Many told me that it’s a love triangle between Alia, Sid and me. No, it isn’t anything of that sort. It’s more of a family film, much like the ones Karan makes.”

So what’s the story line like? Fawad reveals, “As you’ve seen in the trailer, Sid and I return home after many years after our grandfather’s accident. He wants the family together for one simple thing- to get a picture taken. That’s his dream before he dies.  When we come back, there are not just conflicts between me and Sidharth but there conflicts between Rajat sir and Ratna mam (playing  role of parents)  as well. I have always heard that distance makes you love each other even more. But in this case, the distance has distanced them even more. Now when they come together, there’s a certain sense of paranoia, the guards are up. Alia doesn’t have a family so she is the outsider’s perspective of what it looks like.”

But while telling what it’s about, a question popped up. Is Fawad playing a gay character in the film?

Fawad Answers, “I think everybody is gay, na? Everyone is somewhere gay. Whatever has been on that note about the film, I would like to address it. First of all, this movie is not about sexuality, not about love triangles. There’s a lot of misconception among the audiences about what it’s supposed to me and how it’s going to shock people. But having said that, if there was a role of a gay character, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in it.”











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