‘My Son Is Gay’ Film Revived in Tamil

Filmmaker Lokesh Kumar is all set to revive his project ‘My Son Is Gay’ in Tamil, with a new title, ‘En Magan Magizhvan’.

Lokesh says, “Despite all the focus on the community, many people don’t even understand the difference between what transgender, gay or lesbian. My film will make people to understand the hardship faced by the LGBT community here. It is a story is about how a mother accepts her gay son.”

Lokesh had initially thought of making this a Hindi film. But the funds weren’t sufficient to cover the production costs of making this film in Hindi. That was when Lokesh put this project on hold. A few months later, he got a message from a UK-based person saying he is willing to give himaccess to his beach house in Kerala free of cost, to shoot this film. Fortunately, actress Anupama Kumar, who played the role of the mother in the pilot film, also encouraged him to make this film in Tamil. She also helped him get in actors like Kishore and Jayaprakash.  And now, the film is well on its way to being made.


Titled as En Magan Magizhvan (‘My Son Is Gay’), the film stars Abishek George of Demonte Colony fame playing a gay along with newcomer Ashwin Jith, according to a report from Times of India. Anupama kumar has the mother’s role.


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