Aligarh Gets Excellent Reviews From Critics and Media in Pre-Release Screening!

Hindustan Times: A subtle strong film on human rights and democracy.
Aaj Tak: कई सवालों का जवाब है ‘अलीगढ़’
Times Of India: They mirror the society’s mindset and in doing so, rake out your own prejudices. Aligarh is one such biographical drama that tugs at your heartstrings.
FilmFare: The honesty and the haunting reality of the story are what make Aligarh such a compelling watch. Even in the disheartening end, Aligarh gives you hope that maybe, someday our society will be on the verge of coming out for good.
Bollywood Bhaskar: शानदार एक्टिंग और अच्छी कहानी के लिए देखिए ‘अलीगढ़’
Quint: A fresh take on battle against homophobia.

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