Our Leader, Our Pride: Apurva Asrani

Apurva Asrani, National Award winning film editor, best known for editing films like Satya, Shahid & City Lights, and now for ‘Aligarh’, is openly and proudly gay.
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 Apurva says, “Today, with Aligarh, I have a great role model in Siras. He stands for so much more than his sexuality. He stands for great academic credentials, for lovely poetry, for a pure heart, for courage and for empathy. After 20 years of giving my all to the industry and after making a respectable name for myself, I feel comfortable to say that I am gay. It liberates me from the constant fear of being found out. And I have faith that our society can look beyond labels and have a holistic outlook towards people like me.”
At just 19, he had became a film editor on the film Satya and won the national award at the age of 23 for ‘snip’, a bilingual comedy. Apurva won the Filmfare Award for Best Editing for Satya at the Filmfare Awards in 1999. In 2001.
Apurva in an interview said, “I was so touched when my father, who is very uncomfortable talking about the issue, broke down after watching ‘Aligarh’. And now he’s been publicly supporting me on this film and for me that’s a huge thing.”
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