A Story of Courage and Self-Love: Anvesh Kumar Sahoo!

From Being gay could be hard for some people but for Anvesh, it is one of the biggest leanings on the way. Anvesh is the winner of Mr. Gay India 2016 and a delegate for Mr. Gay World 2016.


Anvesh has had many nights filled with sadness and tears rolling down his eyes after learning about his sexuality.

He kept wondering why and how it happened to him. He would always feel left out in school and his friends would call him by all kinds of names. He was always side lined by his friends until he chose to stand up for himself.

He could not find any support from anyone in his family or friends. Then soon he got into a college and started staying in a hostel. He then thought that this time he would not let this happen to him again. He started enjoying his sexuality and accepted with pride that yes I am a gay so what?


He transformed completely and decided to change himself completely. He came out as a much contended confident person who became very social and ignored the harshness and fun made by others. He also started enjoying the fact that he is staying with other guys in the same hostel to whom he is attracted to.

He is also very passionate about life and takes it with a pinch of salt. He wants to live through the sweet memories of first kiss, getting married and adding another person in the family. Though the battle of being gay has not been easy yet it has taught him a lot of things on the way. He now runs a blog where he writes what his ideas and beliefs are on, topics like sexuality, confidence, accepting life and loving yourself.


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