Two Male Actors Kiss Each Other Publicly in Support of Gay Rights!

'Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive' Trailer launch gallery (1).jpgThe handsome hunks Manish Paul and Sikander Kher will soon be seen in the upcoming comedy movie ‘Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive’. But before the movie hits the silver screens, the duos did something unexpected while the promotional activity of the film was going on. The reporters asked the actors would they be interested to do a film on homosexuality. You just won’t believe what they did next.


Manish Paul who is known for his spontaneous dialogue delivery surprised many of them. Sikander Kher and Manish Paul actually kissed each other. If you don’t believe watch the video below shared by ANI. You will actually find hard to believe your eyes.

images (1).jpg


No matter what, the filmmakers in the country must have got to know that there are two handsome hunks who do not mind to do any gay act. This act actually requires guts though it was all part of fun.



2 thoughts on “Two Male Actors Kiss Each Other Publicly in Support of Gay Rights!

  1. thanx manish .nd sikandra. …….its not a big issue.. .gays hona buri baat nhi h bas indian Govt. Ne ese ache se saraha nhi h.. ……..manish nd sikandra act ki dimand ho ya chenal ki hme aap se koi pblm nhi h.. .bhai ladkiyo ke balatkar to kam hoge agar gays ko ache se saprort kar deiya jaye to.. ………so dont mind nd thanxxzzz dil se jaaan se plzzzz contact me 9660655890…..mujhe koi pblm nhi h agar manish ya sinkandra msg kare to haha haha. ….goood luck friends love u oll


  2. Hi, m also gay n i’v fall in love with my frnd,my relationship is 8 years old,now we both want to tell about our relationship n want to make agree our parents plllzzzz we r scared if they dint agree…plz help us plzzz my love is true plzzz help me


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