Meet Pavan and Gabriel: Desi Gay Wedding!

Meet Pavan and Gabriel ♥👨👨
In pictures: Their wedding in desi style and honeymoon at India.


Pavan was born and lived his early years in Vadodara, Gujarat. Pavana’s family is south Indian. Telugu is his first language. He immigrated to the Los Angeles area with his family. He received his M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Los Angeles. Pavana is currently the Physician-in-Charge at his clinic.


How They Met:

Pavana and Gabriel met in February of 2010 through a dating website. It might not have been love at first sight, but it was definitely like-a-very-lot at first sight. A second date followed right away, and then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth….
Both have a love of travel and foreign cultures and were soon inserting themselves into each other’s trips, and then planning trips together, and soon enough was full blown love.

In September 2013, Gabriel proposed to Pavana at dinner and Pavana said yes! Pavana had been planning to propose to Gabriel but Gabriel, as usual, jumped the gun and beat him to it. They would have gotten married right away but, being the crazy travelers that they are, 2014 was already booked with trips, and, of course, they had to have time for an epic honeymoon, so a 2015 date was chosen. They got married on sixth of September 2015.

Because the Taj hotel chain in Boston is the only one in the States that has cooks who can do quality Indian catering and they were offering free honeymoons at their regal Indian properties so, they chose that place for their wedding.They decided to go with an Indian style wedding so everyone has something new to experience.

Their honeymoon started in New Delhi, then exploring the many ancient desert palaces and forts of the nearby Indian state of Rajasthan.


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