India’s Most Senior Catholic Priest Calls for legalization of Gay Relationships!

India’s most senior Catholic priest has called for gay sex to be made legal.oswald-gracias-au-service-des-minorites_article_main

Oswald Gracias, president of Conference of Catholic Bishops in India, believes it is unfair to be harsh with LGBTI people.
“I believe maybe people have this orientation that God has given them and for this reason they should not be ostracised from society.”

“I have met some groups and associations of LGBTs and I had an understanding for them. I feel that homosexuality should not be criminalised. For me it’s a question of understanding that it’s an orientation.”

“The Church is concerned, and if you’re part of the Church you have to have compassion, sympathy and understanding toward them.”

Gracias has also spoken with other priests about toning down their language abouth homosexuality.


8 thoughts on “India’s Most Senior Catholic Priest Calls for legalization of Gay Relationships!

  1. I am a newly convert Muslimah, I am not that familiar with Islam faith, but with Christian faith I can say I am 98% knowledgable. There is a story in the bible of Sodom and Gomora, that people there are homoxesuals and sinners, I’ve watched films about the said places, would these be the 2nd Sodom and Gomora story? We’ll be punished by these culture? Please enlightened me, what does LGBTI’s agenda?


  2. It is absolutely right that all should understand the orientation of LGBT people and accept them rather than ostracise them from society. They too are humans just like anyone of us!


  3. I am dead set against it. It is a deliberate disobedience to the known will of God. And these kind of people fall short of the honor and glory which God bestows and receives. Increase and multiply was the first Commandment given to our first Parents Adam and Eve. In this kind of a marriage will they be able to fulfill the wish of God? No this marriage is not justified. They can live together as friends of the same feather but not as husband and a wife. It is like defiling the sacredness of marriage. No one can make your choice for you. It is yours and yours alone to make. What quality of life do you desire to have? Do you really want to follow the example you see in our society today? Every person will stand before God and give an account of their lives. Let God decide their fate. We humans have no right to meddle with God’s plans. He is the extreme authority.


    1. What is God’s will?
      What are God’s plans?
      Do you know? Do u think you are so close to God?

      Homosexuality is a reality. And reality is the God. Everything that exists is made by God.

      Do You think being gay is unnatural or against God’ wish because ‘they can’t increase and multiply’? If a couple can’t produce kids out of any
      reason, does their marriage have no meaning? Their are many heterosexual couples who have adopted kids, why do u accept their marriage?
      You need to understand that generations and life will not stop if some couples don’t reproduce. The sacredness of marriage is based on Love.

      Gays bring stability to society, to nature. Homosexuality is found in hundreds of species in nature but homophobia- only in humans. What does it mean? The root of homosexuality is love while that of homophobia is hatred.

      And being gay is not a choice or preference. It is is living with a heart of honesty, pride and love.

      Yeah, let God decide everyone’s fate. You need not interfere in God’s plans. One day you will stand before God giving account of your life, ” Majesty, I could never understand the meaning of holy Marriage. I meddled with the people you made to love each other.”

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      1. Judge not lest ye be judged. Good to know about GayRightsIndia. Let’s hope that the love of Christ that the Cardinal clearly talks about does become a reality for all people gay or not.


  4. Actually his actual words were on the lines of the pope who said do not judge.
    As a shepherd of the church his views need to be love the sinner hate the sin.
    Think this article has been taken using only part of what he has said


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