Trailer Review: Aligarh Movie.



When Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh was screened at the 20th Busan International Film Festival in October last year, it got a standing ovation. Upon watching the theatrical trailer of the film, one can completely understand why.

The breathtaking and powerful story of Professor Siras, a brilliant teacher who faced extreme humiliation and persecution at the hands of university authorities and other citizens for being gay.
In Aligarh, Manoj Bajpayee nails the loneliness and complexity of playing Professor Siras. From his first dialogue in the film, he has you hooked to his ethos. “Koi mere feeling ko teen aksharon mein kaise samajh sakta hai (how can I explain my feelings to someone in three letters?)”

In a country where it’s still illegal to be homosexual, Aligarh aptly portrays how it feels like to be different from the crowd. Aligarh starts a conversation that we need to be having on our dining tables.

A conversation about basic rights, of freedom, of choice, and of privacy. Needless to say the trailer of Aligarh will move you, and make you think. But more than that, Aligarh seems to be the sort of film that will not let you forget. The fight is still on.

There’s a dialogue in the trailer that forms the social crux of the film so beautifully, that it will resonate with you till you watch the film; “What business does anyone have to look into someone else’s bedroom?”

The trailer ends with an apt tagline, “Come out and question, come out and talk, come out and live, come out and love.”
#AligahMovie #Equality #ManojBapayee #ComeOut #RakummarRao #GayRights


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