How Do I Tell Them: Coming Out To Family!

12631455_812848032177274_1861710728858134480_nComing out to family can be a fearful experience in any culture. It could result in total acceptance, or it could result in confusion, criticism and even rejection. Acceptance about such issues does not come easily for families of any race, and especially for South Asian families.

Nakshatra Bagwe’s mother spoke at Gay Bombay Parents and Family Meet. She told audience her own struggle while accepting his son’s homosexuality. The transformation of a homophobic mother to a gay rights supporters, took some 4 years and she said some words of wisdom for you all, from her own experience,

“Give time to to your parents to understand and then to accept the whole concept of homosexuality. Don’t hide it for too long from your parents, start giving hints, start talking about the matter.Acceptance may take time but parents will accept their children one day. No matter how the kid is the parents must love him. Once parents openly tell the world “Yes my child is gay, so what?” then the world can’t do anything, the society
has only one option left feel surprised and accept. It’s a journey all about patience and understanding, we walked this journey for several years and we wish many among you will start their journey soon.We wish you the best.”

Remember: Coming out is a process. It takes time – don’t rush it! 🙂


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