Yawar Charlie: Our Pride!

You have seen this couple before, which got married at Grammys. Aren’t you curious about that Indian man in sherwani?

He is Yawar Charlie: Grandson of Indian Film Star Noor Mohammed Charlie.

Yawar Charlie, the grandson of Indian film legend is an actor and musician himself. He is making his mark in both Hollywood and Bollywood. Having been raised in the US, Yawar has been performing since the age of 6 under the supervision of his grandfather. His singing talents recently caught the attention of Ustad Sultan Khan, one of India’s premier classical musicians. Having performed with international artists like Madonna, Ustad Sultan Khan asked Yawar to collaborate with him on his new fusion concept album. The result was the song, “Love So Deep”,
a beautiful blend of traditional Indian melodies and modern English pop music.

Noor Mohammed was India’s first star comedy king. He worked in films like Aaj Ka Hindustan, Musafir, Taqdeer, Sanjog, Mohabbat Ki Kasauti. The song “Palat Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai” was first filmed on him.

After several roles on such shows as “General Hospital”, “Heroes”, “Jag”, “Strong Medicine” and “Open Bar”, Yawar now turned his focus to Real Estate. Yawar holds a Master’s degree from the University of California. He is the Commissioner for the City of West Hollywood, Historic Preservation Committee. He was voted top 10 realtors in Los Angeles and ‘Hottest’ Broker in LA by Curbed Magazine.

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