8 Things You Should Know If You Are In The Closet!

Being in the closet is a dark and lonely time. But a lot of people are there. So Here are some things that they should know, which will let a liitle light of hope into this dark and lonely room.

Don’t date someone of the opposite sex as a cover up. It’s not fair to play with someone’s emotions when you were never interested in the first place.

You’d be VERY surprised at how deep the closet runs. There are more gays than you think – they’re just hiding.

Know that despite what you may feel now, you probably won’t feel the need to stay in the closet forever.

Don’t be afraid to open up to someone. Someone you trust. Having just one person to talk to can relieve so much of the built up pressure of keeping a secret for so long. It also makes the coming out process easier down the road.

The internet is a wonderful thing. There are many television series and movies with gay characters that you can get into and hopefully find a story line that you can relate to.

Know that after the age of 18 or so, most people could honestly care less about your sexuality.The fear of losing a ton of friends
and being shunned is a paranoid worst case scenario that we build up in our minds from living a lie for so long. Yeah, you may lose some friends, but you would also be surprised at the support that you receive.

We’re not saying this to urge you to come out. We’re saying this so that hopefully you can sleep just a bit better at night.

Finally, know that when you come out at the right place at the right time, your life will seem to get so much better. You will not longer be living a lie and you’ll be free to be who you are. It does get better! 🙂1st


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